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chicken laws

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does anyone know where i can find the laws about having chickens for my town i live in harris county ga in a small town named hamilton. few years back it might not have been a problem but they have built a few sub divisions out here. why i dont know we are 20 miles from the city of columbus  i mean we are in the sticks

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Call your agriculture extention agent for your area, they should be able to tell you.

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Hello!  I see this post is very old, but I was just wanting to get information on Harris county's laws as well.  We just moved to the area and are currently renting while we search for a home to purchase.  We previously had chickens and dairy goats, and I am searching for information on where we could do this again in this area.  I would like to find out the minimum amount of land needed, ect.  Thanks a lot!

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