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Candling - bad eggs?

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I put some shipped eggs into incubator on Saturday. I candled as I put them in to check for airsacs, cracks, porous shells etc. most looked ok.
I just candled again tonight (day 4) not expecting to see much, but can see veins starting in at least 3/12. However, one brahma egg did not seem to have an airsac at all on Saturday ( is this even possible? I thought maybe it was detached and that was why I wasn't seeing it). Tonight the egg is completely dark... Almost like a 19 day egg, but without the airsac. What does this mean is going on inside? Should I take it out before it causes trouble?
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I would take it out and be careful not to break it. It sounds like one of he eggs I had to remove because it was no good. While you are candling the eggs look for yolks with bubbles as well, I found out that those are unfertilized eggs that are going bad, apparently the bubbles are decomposition gases. Kind of cool to look at through the egg shell though.
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Oh the bubbles would be almost clear and look like cells in a microscope. Sorry that is the only way I could think of to describe it.
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This "solid" looking egg has started to ooze today. The insides have been forced out through the pores which has then dried up leaving little dried nodules around the egg. Really interesting but probably not good to keep it any longer so I took it out. I wrapped it inside 4 sandwich backs and cracked it open... Inside was completely scrambled. I wonder what the postal service did to these eggs!
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I had 3 of my 14 Welsummer shipped eggs scrambled too. You wonder how they manage to do that much damage to only SOME of the eggs hmm.png
Wife to an awesome cancer warrior fighting the good fight. Mom to 2 awesome boys, 2 dogs, 2 cats and about 34 chickens.
Wife to an awesome cancer warrior fighting the good fight. Mom to 2 awesome boys, 2 dogs, 2 cats and about 34 chickens.
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HELP!!!!! I have no idea what this yellow staining means. It is bleeding to the outside of the egg. There is still a lot of movement inside the egg, but I haven't been able to hear any cheeping or scratching from inside the egg. The other two look okay though. Has any one seen this before? Please, please help.
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Here is a picture of what the staining looks like candled.
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Too bad I can't upload a video, I was able to take a video of the little bill moving.
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