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my hen has a lump in her throat

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This morning when i was feeding my silver laced wyandotte i found that one of them is having trouble breathing so i picked her up and felt her neck and she had a lump in it ....We opened her mouth and shined a light down it to have a look (because it was up the top of her neck ..near where the very back of the tounge ) and there is a corn coloured thing at the enterance of her wund pipe ......we think it may be tonsilitis but not sure the few seconds we had her mouth open i managed to get a photo ......does anyone know what it is ? Or how to cure it?
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Looks like Canker to me. Here is some information;

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Thankyou ....i google it and we think the same thing ...i had never heard of a canker the time i saw your message all the vet around us were closed so we couldnt buy any medicine for her so we will tre tomorrow
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Hey ......she is better now but i have stilll kept her seperated from the other hens.........does anyone know how long i should leave her seperated for?
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Naunie, Thank you so much for this link on trichomonas.  I have been treating a hen incorrectly!  Thanks to you she is now on the mends!  The pic in the chooks 22 posting you replied to looked exactly like my hen.  Thank you again!!!!

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