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Breeding Call Ducks

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Hello Again, I am full of questions today. lol.


My latest question is about breeding. I have a variety of call ducks. I love the different colours. I have 2 black bibbed, 1 black Indies, 2  snowy, 1 blue fawn, and 1 white. If I interbreed them will it be harder to sell the offspring than if I breed them only with their own "kind"?

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I don't have an answer for that! I'm just getting into all this myself and have the same question also! I know that I have a pastel female that's Already paired herself to a white male and they're producing lovely babies some blue fawns, another pastel. Do you have any pictures of your babies I would love to see them!
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By babies I meant your adult ducks! I just call all my ducks my babies LOL
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This is my favorite guy. I plan on breeding him for sure.


These two are new to my flock. They a moulting so are a little scruffy looking here.



I never would have thought that a black duck is so colorful! Both these guys are getting green heads and green wings. The one is even getting purple!

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OMG! I am so jealous! Your ducks are gorgeous! Did you get them all from the same breeder? And your favorite one is a snowy correct? I have a snowy but you're snowy is gorgeous
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. This is a picture of the babies that I have currently I know that there is a gray in there in the dark one and a pastel but you can't tell from the picture but the other ones are old real lighter color I'm sure they're probably blue fawns? What do you think?
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Thank you:) I always thought they were pretty but I am a little biased wink.png I did get the first five from the same breeder. The most recent two I got free from a neighbor who was looking to re-home them.  They got them from somebody who had them as pets, so not sure of their origins. Yes, I love the snowy and the blue. But I find it hard to pick a favorite. I wouldn't give up any other color either.

My first ducklings

The grey on the far left here is the blue from above, for comparison. And the two black guys are also the black ones  above. Thought the picture might help you find where yours are color wise.

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I know! Keep telling my husband no more but, then I see another color or something that I fall in love with and the brood keeps growing LOL! I never knew Ducks could be so fun everyone has their own personality I love them all so much I can't wait until breeding season next year I'm going to let Them do it all naturally this time and see how well they do LOL do you incubate or have you not bred yet? will this be your first season coming up?
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This will be my first season. I went to buy 2 little ducks as pets in June. I ended up with 5 ducklings. Lol. I now have 7. My original guys are 2 months as of today so still too little to breed. I expect to have at least 8 ducks by spring, as I can't bring myself to part with any of my 4 boys. The new girls are just under a year. I am looking forward to spring! I do have an incubator but haven't decided if I will use it. I think it would be fun to see the ducklings with mum. Also it is less work for me!

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That's what I think… I thought I'd try it out and see use a good mom or not I'm not in it to really make money just for fun LOL but I do have Three boys and six girls so the good ratio I guess two girls for each boy they've Already paired up and then the other ones are just extra girls I'll be curious as to which girls they choose I was trying to keep them together color wise but we'll see. As for the new baby's they came from a friend of mine who does Breed and I gave him a pair pastels and this is her first clutch and he gave me all the babies and I don't know what they'll turn out to be and what I'll keep it and what also interesting I can't wait to see them feather out and I hate not knowing whether they're boys or girls
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