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Shots for chickens

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Can anyone tell me what shots should I give my flock. I have silkies and I hatch there eggs and sell the chicks and also have egg layers. Since I am selling the chicks I would like to give them shots but not sure what ones and if I can get the shots at my local tractor supply or not . Thanks for any info
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Well, in my opinion, one of the most imporant shots for chickens in for Marek's Disease. This vaccination is given when chicks are one to two days old, subcutaneously in the back of the neck. Marek's Disease is very serious, so it is a good idea to vaccinate for it. I myself raise/sell birds, and I vaccinate my chickens for Marek's Disease.


Other vaccines can be purchased. Many people who show or breed poultry vaccinate their birds for Infectious Laryngotracheitis, which is a acute, dangerous respiratory disease. Others vaccinate for Fowl Pox, especially if this disease is prevalent in their area.


You can get other vaccines, like Newcastle's and Bronchitis. Both of these vaccines are good to give, but not as important as the Marek's Vaccine. Newcastle and Bronchitis vaccines are given either in the water, or in they eye. 


I do not believe that you can get vaccines at Tractor Supply Stores. You'd have better luck looking online. Twin City Poultry Supplies ( is a supplier of vaccines.

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Thanks so much I will go look at that site !! smile.png
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You're very welcome! I'm always happy to

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you have marek's in your flock and you show AND sell birds? I read your post where you said you had a bird with ocular mareks and was thinking of keeping her for life since no one would take her, yet you will sell birds and show and share marek's that way? Vaccinating birds does NOT mean they won't get marek's, Just that they won't die from the tumors. The birds that don't get sick, will become carriers...are you not aware of this?


I guess you just answered my question to myself about showing birds...and that is a big fat NO, if people with marek's in their flocks are showing birds. And to sell them also? shaking my head in true amazement!!!

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I do not have that in my flock!! None of my birds are sick but since I am selling them a lot of other people do give shots so I wanted to be safe !!! shake my head at you!!! I had a silkie with respiratory infection that i posted on here about and I gave him tylan and he is no longer having symptoms of this . I posted this to see about prevention of this hmm.png since I am selling not to treat.
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I think you have my name wrong !! I do Not show them!!
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