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Originally Posted by alaskan_crew 

Super cool! My coop looks like it belongs in the "hood" compared to yours! Was it a kit or all from design? Where r u guys at? Looks kinda like AK.

We are in Kentucky. No the building was not a kit, the main building design came from a salt box shed design found in a book at Lowe's about building sheds. Most of the other ideas come from this forum and various books on chickens. I basicly read a lot and took notes on the items I thought I would like to have.

Originally Posted by okiechick57 the wifey is happy

She is happy with the coop, she still laughs about me and my 5yo having chickens since neither one of us have really had much to do with animals. The coop has presented one problem, she said that it was so nice that it should have been a playhouse for the kids, looks like I have a second project coming up.

Thanks for all of the great comments.

Any comments on the how many this should accomated since the roost takes up part of the floor space? Since it was 8' x 12' I had planned to keep 24. Do you think it will still accomodate 24 taking out the floor space under the roost?

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Excellent job on the coop Preacher1. With the size of the run and the floor space you have left you are in great shape. I was told that figuring the floor space per chicken was if they were going to be confined inside the coop a majority of the time you must make sure they had the 4 to 5 sqft. But with your run included even during bad weather the majority of the time the chickens will be outside. I covered a portion of my coop with sunshade screen so my chicks sit outside even during bad rain storms...
Again a great job on your coop....

Norm in N.CA caf

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really clever -- I love that under roost cleaning box and the sand fill -- really great idea

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I have a shed I'm going to turn into a coop. I shall have to steal some of these great ideas from you!

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