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Are they near chickens.

No chickens. I only have peafowl and 3 pheasant. They're in an 8 by 28 foot run with 12 feet of shed and walls on one side with 2 of the pheasant. The enclosure is 9 feet high. I feed them 20% protein Purina Game Bird feed. There are 2 feeders with the feed. One is straight crumble and the other I run through the blender so it's on the fine side. They eat from both containers.
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I was just wondering because I had some quail die from being around chickens.
Have a great fall!!!!
Have a great fall!!!!
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Sorry to hear that ... I keep all my quails off the ground... You might want to get the 2 you have and give them some antibiotic and a little apple cidar vinegar .... Wish you best of luck...
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Put them in a sick cage away from the rest of your fowl... fl.gif
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I hate that i had got 15 georgia giants one did cause the heat lamp bulb broke and it was a new one to then some predators dug 18 in under rock roots soil and killed four so then one of 3 hen i had

got stuck in a brush pile  after being chased by males so after all that I have 2 hens to 8 roos(I hate that you get so many more male than hens) 

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I keep my butlers off the ground. You could try using the ground but knock on wood I have no predator problems with the rabbit cages.
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A snow flake can produce baby quail i raise them have 50 hens and 23 males
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Snowflakes have been propagated a lot since the mutation cropped up so im not sure why you thought they couldnt produce offspring.most people think they atch poorly but that is because of shipping, nothing to do with the birds.
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I have 36 bobwhites and am getting an average of 10 eggs per day. I want to incubate some and leave some in the pen for natural incubation.
Are there resources that give incubation times and humidity levels for the incubator?
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Why'd this thread die?? Bob Whites Are Awesome!
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