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Thanks so much Jay!! We were excited to hear they all made it safe and sound. I know they are just worms (that are going to be eaten anyways...) but raising them through the whole process makes them a little more special to us! Thanks for the support.
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No Problem!  Look forward to purchasing more in the future!!!

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so i just found out my chickens and ducks love these darn mealworms. How many should I give at a time, for 8 chickens and 2 ducks? I was thinking of ordering 5,000 live and splitting them between a few others within the neighborhood I live in that also have chickens and ducks.

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I have 11 chickens and I throw them a handful each day and it's gone in seconds. I'm sure they could eat all 5000 in one sitting, but, I'm a fan of moderation. Just give them as treats. We had a wild duck eatting them out of our hands and some blue Jays have made a nest in the tree above our chicken coop so they can score some too. You will definitely make a lot of new best bird friends with that many mealies!
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I got some of those dried worms yesturday from TSC, they dont seem to be as eager to eat them as the live ones. However they definitely were not turning them down. I guess I will start my own mealworm farming.

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For sure. Let me know if you need any advice. I think I have it pretty well figured out by now. I eill be doing a post on it soon on my site if you want to follow along (:
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We used to have mealworms at a nature camp where I worked, to show kids the cycle of metamorphosis.  Care was pretty easy.  We kept a batch alive all summer, taking some out every week to give to all the kids in little cups to take home (yes, their parents loved us...not).  We chopped up potatoes to give them moisture.  Really simple. 

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They are a wonderful source of protein and particularly useful during molt. I had been feeding my chickens mealworms but was frustrated with the lack of companies that are dedicated to responsibility raising them. So many of them are dried and from China. It prompted us to start a company selling our own home grown worms primarily to chicken owners. Attached is a link to our website as well as a link to the nutrition tab.​



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Can I use chick starter in the mealworms beading.
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Hey Matt,
There's no real answer...I guess it depends on what you are using them for. I raise my mealies as snacks for my chickens and goldfish. I'm okay with my mealworms eatting chick starter. Mine do every once in awhile, (usually just when we have new chicks and I have starter nearby). I'm a firm believer in moderation. Give them a little bit of everything, they'll be fine.

Other people only want organic each their own. If you are selling them, you should just let the buyers know their diet.

Off topic: Just learned today my mealworms love the thick part of banana leaves! I cut a piece from my tree and they hollowed it out the same day. Don't be scared to give them food from around your yard too...lots of edible weeds out there for free...
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