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I use scissors.  It may be a bit difficult clipping the wings on a skittish chook.  If you need to, put a towel over her head.  Darkness can calm down just about any chicken.  Talk to her soothingly and/or stroke her feathers until she gets a bit drowsy.

Thanks for the tip about the towel.  I will have to try that next time.  I clip mine to keep them from getting into the neighbors yard where there are dogs who don't know what to do with a chicken.  My dogs are very good with the girls.  They don't snap at or chase them.  It is quite funny, my littlest hen likes to chase and peck my weiner dog.  He learned very quickly that this is not fun!  :lau

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Last time we clipped wings i completely forgot to try this. I'll try to remember about the one wing clipping next time lol. I usually don't have a problem with the chickens getting out of the fenced area but i still do it anyways. We use scissors and yeah since they grow new feathers you usually have to clip them 1-2 times a year.

Founder of Texas 143 survival group.
Founder of Texas 143 survival group.
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... So having read all the way through the thread, I just want to double check... the clipping of the wings is typically annually so I should do this (say) a month after the molt. My White Sussex is currently on what appears to be a very hard molt and looks AWFUL. She's recently found an adventurous streak and where she has always been able to come to the front portion of our rear garden (there's a three foot wall dividing it) she always stayed in the rear. She typically got on the wall but never actually crossed it. Now she is crossing it I am keen to try and limit her flying ability (gawd knows what she'll get up to in her new adventurous frame of mind otherwise).


The last time I clipped her wings, the seller did it for me (showed me what to do) but that was when she was so many weeks old. That was about 2 and a half years ago now.


Anyway, back to my question, I want to confirm that I have to re-clip her wings once her molt is finished and her new coat of feathers is established? (all as per the image earlier in the thread)


Thanks folks




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You'll know that you've clipped enough wing feathers when a hen launches herself at the top of the fence and she ends up flying around and around in tight circles or she goes off to one side.


NEVER clip the feathers on both wings because that hen can still fly like a humming bird.  The feather shaft stubs will fall out during the molt, and new feathers will replace the cut feathers.  Never clip a chickens' wings during the molt.  If you cut a blood or pin feather it will bleed like a hog with its throat slit.  Learn to identify blood or pinfeathers before proceeding and only cut feathers once they have hardened off.

Keep your chickens safe from predators, buy and wear fur. 
Keep your chickens safe from predators, buy and wear fur. 
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How old should they be when I clip them? My 2 week old chicks are trYing to fly.
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At what age can I clip my Easter Eggers? Their 9 weeks and decided last night to sit on top of my 6 ft chain link fence.
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Can they fly up in a tree if you don't clip their wings?

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Thought I got one wing clipped up pretty good, got all of the primary flight feathers.  She's still getting out of her coop, which means shes getting about 4 feet up and over.  Any suggestions?  I only clipped one side, and just the primary flight feathers.

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I have never clipped chickens but i have 4 parrots including a BG macaw. If feather shafts are light colored u can look at them and see if they still have blood. If so it can not be clipped. And yes toweling works great even for something with a beak that can break a finger. Not that my macaw would do that!
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I was wondering if the chickens are still able to get onto a roost?  Should i lower the roost to maybe 4 feet, or lower?

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I have one sex-link that has begun flying over our 4' fence. We clipped the primary flight feathers on one wing. Thought we were good. Hours later, she is over the fence again.

Clipped the secondary feathers on the same one wing. Thought we had it for sure this time. Nope, she is over the fence again. So now what?

My husband's motorcycle forum people told him we should be clipping both wings. But everything I read on CHICKEN forums says never to do this.

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