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They are coronation sussex. Lovely birds and they lay nice big eggs. We now have King George's son ' little George ' or LG . They get along just fine but LG is not aloud to sleep in the coop. Him and his dad have an agreement and he seems quiet content in the hay shed.
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Thanks for the info.  Those a some great looking birds!

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Old old thread, but great advice.  Keep one as a back up if you can....  My roo is ill, and I feel desperate for a replacement... Of course can't find one and I am not that picky.  And if I do, it'll still be 30 days quarantine til he can protect and keep peace.  

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Gryeyes - how do you establish dominance? I have one "good" rooster who protects the kids from the nasty bantams. I'd like to keep one bantam, but so far have had a hard time curbing the "small dog" attitude in these little guys. My kids can't be outside when he's out. I'd love advice as the new bantams come up so I can start fresh with one who might learn some respect. :rolleyes:

I had an aggressive Roo. I alternated between punting the rooster across the yard and picking him up and carrying him around for ten minuets... both equally horrifying to the Roo and since he didn't ever know which punishment he would be inflicted with, he could never make up his mind if it was worth the attack or not. He quit being aggressive very quickly and became quiet tame.

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I would pretend to have eyes on the back of my head for bantams, just always be one step ahead of the pounce. I never kicked just would reach down fast and pick them up when they come over and pretend to eat grain near you. they soon learn they cannot get the jump on you and don't try.

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We started our flock this spring with what was supposed to be 6 Buff Orpington hens, 2 Roosters and 4 Welsummer hens. Well, two months later and mother nature definitely had plans of her own as two of the Welsummers are growing into beautiful young roosters and one of the 6 Buff girls sprouted surprisingly big wattles and comb when she/he/it was 4 weeks old.


This is Big Red at about 5 weeks of age. I need to get a new pic of him/her/whatever. I call it my mystery chick and I probably won't know till Red either crows or lays an egg as it's posture and feathers say hen but that comb and wattles keeps growing and growing.


You can see the two  Welsummer boys behind Red.


So I wound up with at least four roosters and will keep all of them praying that one of my sweet little Buff girls will go broody when they start laying and hatch some more hens for me. Boys can't help tht they are boys. So far they are working out their pecking order but getting along well for being 8 weeks old today. I'm waiting for the hormones to really kick in and if things get too physical between them I'll separate them but at the moment the Welsummer boys are hanging together and the two Buff boys that I'm sure are boys are hanging together and Big Red is hanging with the hens....boy I hope it's a hen.....


As to why I keep roosters. I like roosters. They have spunk and there is just an air of danger about their personalities that I really like. They have a job to do, protect the hens and fertilize eggs for me and they do their job quite well.  Plus I just like their cocky personalities in general.


My husband was out this afternoon flying an RC plane and I was in the garden when he happened to fly the plane over the barn and run. I heard one of the young roos set up a ruckus and everybody dove for cover. We have lots of birds of prey, hawks, owls and even eagles so the run is netted but it's good to know that even at 8 weeks the roosters are keeping an eye to the sky.

Living La Vida Loca!
Living La Vida Loca!
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this is the sister

the sister lays gray eggs. I was hoping for more.

Amazing assortment of egg colors! Love the gray!

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Her daughter just started to lay. 


here is my current rooster he is just a baby.

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We have 18, one 2 week old chick and 5 roosters, all different types. They split up, each Roo has his hens that follow him, he protects all as they free range in clicks! We are surrounded by huge trees, forest where the wild things run they have huge Wa state eagles and Hawks to run from...they have chest bumped twice......everyone is happy, Love my Fancy Roos! They will be our Show Roos!

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I love the roosters!  Had to put three in the freezer, shame, they were the most Beautiful sweet boys.    No one wanted them. :(    I could not have six crowers....still surpised that my neighbors don't seem to notice...I kept 3.


One big ole boy, Just added and doesn't even need to assert himself, the other two are only 6 months old.    Everyone free ranges 1/4 acre all day, that is the secret... :)  Pumpkin can't watch everyone all the time.  So it's good to have the extras.  Plus, when other roos are under a wise and gentle older roo, they learn proper behavior.  


Just today all three standing side by side in the safe/dust bath area (used to be a pretty nice garden, lol)  Just standing together...should have got a pick.  I think there are 15 hens total, and it may become a problem, but somehow, I think not.  They are all mellow breeds.  One is D'uccle/Polish so he is on the smaller side.  Another is a Breda so super Mellow as in, "Oh, excuse me sir, so sorry sir".


I like that they watch for everything... and three are better than one.

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