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How much egg is too much?

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Our chickens are quite healthy layers and we're slowly becoming overrun with eggs. I enjoy hardboiling around 3 of them and giving them to our 5 hens. They go crazy for them.

But obviously, you can get too much of a good thing. So my question is how much is too much? Thanks!
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So consider using the eggs for other things.  Pickled eggs, sell em to your workmates.  


I like giving my flock treats also but do not want them to expect eggs for food.  Like you I am not exactly sure how much is too much.  


Wish ya the best.  

I would never eat a cow's tongue.  Gross!  Give me an egg.
I would never eat a cow's tongue.  Gross!  Give me an egg.
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Ah pickled eggs! I didn't think of that! Thanks!
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You can give them scrambled eggs too. We do every once in awhile. But I don't know how much is too much.


If you are getting to many eggs then sale some. I sale a few dozen a week to coworkers and to my husbands coworkers.    Make egg salad sandwiches. Bake some bake goods to take to work. Good luck to you!!

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If you have extra freezer space, you can also freeze eggs for using later in cooking or as scrambled eggs.
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I never knew you could freeze eggs. How do they taste when you unfreeze them?

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I usually use them for scrambled egg omelet type things so I don't really notice any difference in taste. I just mix up whole eggs with a little bit of salt and freeze them in batches of 6 or so. You can also freeze them like ice cubes, one is about one egg to use smaller amounts or in baking. Hard boiled eggs do not freeze well, at least I can't get the humans to eat them, the chickens and dogs still like them smile.png
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Lots of help, thanks guys! smile.png
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Awesome!! I will deffineatly try that the next time I have a lot of eggs. Thanks. I am liking this site already!!

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I was giving the eggs away, but then approached a local cafe and now sell. I have a chicken jar at home and put the money in here.  The chickens now pay for their food:)

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