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White bantam asil
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sorry to ask but do you know how bantam Asils look like?
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before you say so I know my breed it has mix blood in it. No way it a pure ko shamo if you are going to call it as a ko shamo.
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before you say anything of what I don't know me!!! seriously!! and 2nd I didn't breed this rooster...he isn't standard obviously..everyone knows that if you know Ko Shamo but to call it bantam must not know the different between bantam Asil breeds and ko shamo! but thank you for ur comment..much appreciate it!! all comments are welcome just know what ur talking about!
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Do I talk like I wanna know you No I dont. Im just giving a point out you must not know the difference of yourself to keep a real ko shamo around but mix breed. Words does hurts to know the truth eh.
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you talk like you know me! haha funny...the truth? haha Im just helping you learn and know what ur talking about! thanks for ur comment..waste of time talking to anyone who doesn't know and want to know what they're talking about! good luck to you
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the truth already tells you that you dont by keeping it. Sounds like you just begin your journey of knowing how a ko shamo should look like. thank you for sharing it as a ko shamo mix asil. Haha
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Good luck to you! smile.png
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Thank you luck alwase been with me.
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ur welcome mr xiong
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