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One of the posts I read here on BYC indicated the clear plastic flapper was removed and replaced with slightly lighter-duty, flexible, clear plastic cut into three strips. The person pinned two of the flap strips up for a week, so the birds could shoulder their way through the doorway. Then a second section was allowed to fall into place for another week. The chickens pushed their way through, and when the third strip was released on the third week, the chickens had learned to push the flaps apart to enter or exit through the doggie door.


That method might work. I would be sure to find plastic that was very lightweight and flexible, though....

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I hung a piece of burlap over their coop entrance to keep small birds out.
With a few weights at the bottom it stayed in place, and my hens were not even phased by the change.
I'm in Arizona, so cold winters aren't a problem.
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We built a cat condo and we put a pet door in but the raccoons would go in there so I locked it with the latch but they pulled at the door and opened it the other way to get in. Now I want to use the cat condo for a chicken coop & since the cat door is in it I wanted to know if the chickens would use it. Course I have to fence in the condo/coop because of raccoons and other threats.

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