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Can Chickens get constipated????? - Page 6

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No, but it killed me😢
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Originally Posted by Bren7000 View Post

No, but it killed me😢
I'm so sorry bren. I kinda now what you're going through. My dog almost killed my broody yesterday and the eggs were supposed to hatch today. You are in my prayers. hugs.gif
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Thank you Kathy. How scary for you also! I love my girls as I'm sure you do and when things like this happen it is soooo sad. Did you loose the eggs? How is she doing?
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Yes I lost 6 eggs. Luckly she had hatched one right before it happened and that chick is doing great with a 5 week old silkie that I have. The hen is looking a little better.

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dang, thank god you got one and I hope Mom lives!
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I think I may have a similar situation, but she is going...but her vent seems swollen and looks sore...I found this may try...

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