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I have a red sex-link that also cannot walk.  About 12 weeks old.  Not laying yet.  Has been in the kitchen with us for ten days.  Eating, drinking, seems in good health.  Green poop.  Can pull legs up and grab fingers with feet but cannot push with legs or support weight.  Only sick chicken in the flock.  We'd love some advice that would keep us from having to put her down.  Already tried vitamin supplements, oyster shells and ground egg shells.  Thanks!

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Welcome to BYC. Has she always been healthy and normal acting before? Was she vaccinated for Mareks disease? It is a virus that causes tumors along the nerves, and can involve one or more symptoms of lameness, paralysis of one or both legs wings, or neck, eye effects and blindness, skin tumors, and more. I would continue the vitamins and make sure they contain vitamin B2 (riboflavin) since Nutri-Drench does not. If she should die, I would send her refrigerated body in to the state vet for testing for Mareks. Here is some information about Mareks:

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She was always healthy and was the top chicken until she started limping.  She is still alert and eating and drinking but needs her poop cleaned off her butt by us.  She's learning to get around using her beak and her wings only.  No signs of bites.  No visible problems with her legs.  They look healthy but they don't work.  Marek's is the most common answer I hear and to my knowledge none of them have been vaccinated for Marek's.  I've read dozens of forum posts about the vaccine with zero results on how to actually acquire vaccine for less than 1000 chickens and we only have five including the sick one.  Thanks for the responses.  I've afraid we're going to put her down today. It has been over three weeks since she was able to walk and she shows no signs of recovery.

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I neeed help my chicken is spitting up water cant stand or walk has diareaha and is very bloated she wont eat or drink and she screeches in pain what should i do this have been going on since two days ago

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