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did you measure the chicken ?? and where did measure

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Good Morning, I agree with the sweater not going over the head.   I have two small full-size hens who need sweaters and would like to know sweaters for them.   So, I was wondering if you sell your pattern?  And was also wondering what type of yarn you found successful that doesn't hold water and also is strong enough to withstand the attention of a zealous rooster.  Thank you!

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How do you make the sweaters for your chickens?

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Anyone make sweaters for chickens for a reasonable amount in various colors.....I have 13 hens and 1 rooster in need of sweaters but I can not make them.  Anyone interested in making them I would really appreciate it.

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Heeeeeelllllpppp!!!! My aunt contracted me to make 8 chicken sweaters :the ones that go around the wing not over it: I have tried several patterns and they just don't seem to turn out right :\ can you please forward and li ks to patterns please
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I crochet chicken sweaters. You choose colors, or size. Small, medium, large. $10.00. Send to paypal to email address or to my mailing address: Martha ivery, 31 Becks road, catskill, ny 12414 cash only. I'm an expert at crocheting. If you want any embellishments, flowers, etc, add $2.00 free shipping. Tysvm. I am on fb
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I also crochet sweaters for dogs, cats, ducks. I have 5 pekin ducks. I crocheted sweaters that looks like tuxedos, they are so cute. I love the chicken sweaters, they are an original for sure
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For those who want the pattern, I have the pattern, and it's so easy. You needn't pull them over their heads, unless you want a turtleneck sweater.
They are closed with buttons. I have several plastic baby shower favors shaped like baby pins, blue and pink. They stay in place. Be creative. They can go over the wing, or under the wing. Your choice. Pattern sells for $ 7.00. Paypal: or my home address: 31 Becks Road, Catskill, NY 12414 cash only. I am on fb
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