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maran eggs

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Hi All

  I just recently bought 3 Maran chickens, and don't know alot about them, can someone tell me about how many eggs they tend to lay a year? 

   I have also heard the eggs taste a little sweet, is this true? I can't wait until my first eggs start to come. :yiipchick

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What type do you have? I have black coppers. Like with all chickens it tends to be more the individual hen not the breed that determines how many eggs a year. I had a BCM that layed nearly every day, and I have had one that layed 2-3 eggs a week. I have not noticed any difference in the taste of the egg compared to other, they just look a lot cooler.:cool: 


One thing I have noted with marans is the least bit of stress and they take a long break from laying.

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He never told me anything except that they were marans. 2 are all black, and one is black with some coloring on it. :) thank you for your reply. 

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Probably all black coppers. The females are losing their coppering through the generations.
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Do they lay the dark brown eggs?

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Every line is different, but you should get some nice dark eggs.
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wonderful, I am so excited. :) That is what I am hoping. :)

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Here is two eggs from different black copper marans and a normal brown egg.
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As you can tell I am new to marans. Do the egg color darken with age, or is the color they lay the color they will always lay?

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Usually the color lightens throughout the laying cycle. Laying cycle start with first egg until molt, then molt to molt.

The two I have pictured are from different birds that are the same age. The one will just always lay darker than the other. Its all about genetics.
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