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Lice and Sevin dust

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So I think my birds have lice. I saw a little white-ish bug crawling on one of my hens faces. I did some reading and looks like most people treat the bird and coop with Sevin dust but reading the label it says it is harmful to humans and domestic animals. Is this stuff really ok to use? Has anyone used it and had any issues with it? Should I not eat the eggs for a while after using?

Thank you in advance!

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I have used it on my chickens, and personally have used it in my garden for many years.  It works.  Permethrin is another popular remedy--comes in spray or powder.  Don't forget to rake out your shavings and empty nest boxes.  Re-treat in 7 days for lice and mites  Here are 2 links with info and pictures:

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I have read that you can use   Sevin dust on poultry for treament of lice.  What you will need to do is get a large garbage bag pour dust into it and then place bird in bag with head sticking out. Wrap bag around and hold around neck of bird.  lightly move the dust around so that it works it's way onto the bird working the vent area really good. Once done let bird and dust settle a bit before opening bag and then remove the bird. Becareful as the dust might still be airborne, try not to breath it in.  Do this again in a week or  two and during this time do not use the eggs.  Withdraw should be for at least 30 days for any treatment.  Hope this helps.

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If you have an email I  could send you some info on this topic.  Can't post it here.

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That's great, my email is Thank you for the replies!

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Technically, sevin dust has a 7 day withdrawal period. We've used it since the 60's in the vegetable garden, on dogs, and chickens. I'm still alive and typing. Eggs are safe to eat.

Here's a link to the Chicken Withdrawal Time Chart, scroll down to Sevin Dust:

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Thank you, I dusted the coop, the areas they dust bathe in and the leaves they're been laying in. I grab the frizzle hen and got her in the trash bag! The others ran for it when they saw what I was up to, I've got a friend that can help me with the bigger birds I'll have to get them at bed time.

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