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Ingrown feather? - Page 2

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Glad I read this thread before messing about with my Orpington! Just noticed the same thing on her and had a little panic attack before you guys calmed me down :weee



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Oh my that's what they are? I found one on one of my birds and thought it was an infected quill pore. Well I learnt something today! What does a preen Gland do?
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I love this site. I just noticed the same on our girl today and also thought it was an ingrown feather! Thanks!
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Thank goodness for BYC! I just noticed this on my RIR today while she was preening! There seemed to be a little hole or spot on the tip of it and I just about started picking/squeezing it as I, too thought it was an ingrown feather or some weird pus pocket. Whew, that was a close call! Thanks folks smile.png
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Don't take that off unless it changes for the worst.  It looks like the preening gland where they get their oil from to preen and look nice..:yiipchick

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Thank you BYC! Aways answering my questions!!
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Wow! Glad I looked it up before I panicked. New to chickens and just noticed this weird bump it seems most do, I thought it might be an ingrown or infected follicle.
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Glad I looked it up before I went ahead and tried to remove it, thanks!
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