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Chickens having fits and dieing

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This has happened to us twice now over a period of 2 months,our wee chicken have had fits and died.We usually find them lying on the ground with their eyelids half shut,breathing deeply and not moving much.This goes on for about 15 minutes then all of a sudden they have had like a seizure and died in my arms!.I have know idea what the heck is happening to them,we have 12 chickens and i don't want this happening to any more of my babies!please help!!!!thanks.

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What you are describing is called the final throes of life. It is indeed like a seizure, however, this is not what is killing your chick.

You need to describe symptoms of the chicks for several days before they die.

I am very sorry for your losses.....Keep us posted so we can help prevent any more chicks dying.
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I know this is a old thread. I'll give it a shot though. My bantam Curly just laid down yesterday. I could tell something was wrong as I walk towards her and no movement. I rushed her in the house made up a comfy bed . Tried to feed her eggs and sugar water. She refused everything but a tiny bit of water. About a hour later I had my hand in her cause that's the only way she would sleep. She flipped out. Seizure out of my hands onto the floor I tried to grab her as I did she faded ..... I don't understand she has been fine except two days ago she was screaming I had to calm her down. No predaters ???
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