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ugh!  Now I have a golden comet that WONT LAY A STINKIN EGG!!!  She's 7 months old next week.  her comb and waddles are blood red but she won't squat.  She won't sit still ever!  No hidden nests.

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My current batch is laying an occasional egg. They are 21 weeks. Its been really slow this time. Too many roosters right now.

How long have you had them? Are they still adjusting? When mine slow down i ad extra fat into the diet. If they use all their energy to stay warm no eggs come. Be patient they will start laying.
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Thanks!  I haven't been on here in a long while, but my gal started laying around 4 weeks ago.  Then, two weeks ago a bored neighborhood dog got in the pen and used her as a chew toy :(  So, she's gone and NONE of my girls are laying.  We have been having predator issues left and right.  No chicken pen is impenetrable, unfortunately.  

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