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I found another duck "farm", in SoCal. It is in SanDiego County. Why I say "farm", is that it is owned by a guy that sells the eggs. Any ducks that stop laying, or unwanted drakes ( they are all Pekin), are probably killed and sold to pig farmers. On the net it had ( butcher) under his farm. He sells duck embryos for people to eat, sells eggs to university's for science classes, and sells eggs to the government for immunization medication. I called him before I knew all of this, and he said he would sell me Pekin for 15.00. Fully Grown. Which is great, because I don't have the equipment or time to raise chicks. I got my first Pekin from a shelter, who was do to be put down, for 2.00. I just got a northern pintail, from a shelter, for 17.00.. I have been searching a 5 county area in a 100 mile circumference from my place, for ducks, at shelters. There have been zero. I am hooked up with, and several other fowl sanctuary/ adoption places, but nothing has come up. Metzger only sells chicks, and only pairs of chicks, whereas, I only need/want 1 adult at a time. I don't want to buy from a hatchery, when I know I can save a duck/chicken from being slaughtered. So, this guy at the "duck farm" is where I will be going, because the living conditions there look horrible, and they get slaughtered when they aren't needed anymore. So, my delima is over. I will be going there and trying to save ducks from shelters if they aren't placed. Thanks anyway y'all