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I found another duck "farm", in SoCal. It is in SanDiego County. Why I say "farm", is that it is owned by a guy that sells the eggs. Any ducks that stop laying, or unwanted drakes ( they are all Pekin), are probably killed and sold to pig farmers. On the net it had ( butcher) under his farm. He sells duck embryos for people to eat, sells eggs to university's for science classes, and sells eggs to the government for immunization medication. I called him before I knew all of this, and he said he would sell me Pekin for 15.00. Fully Grown. Which is great, because I don't have the equipment or time to raise chicks. I got my first Pekin from a shelter, who was do to be put down, for 2.00. I just got a northern pintail, from a shelter, for 17.00.. I have been searching a 5 county area in a 100 mile circumference from my place, for ducks, at shelters. There have been zero. I am hooked up with, and several other fowl sanctuary/ adoption places, but nothing has come up. Metzger only sells chicks, and only pairs of chicks, whereas, I only need/want 1 adult at a time. I don't want to buy from a hatchery, when I know I can save a duck/chicken from being slaughtered. So, this guy at the "duck farm" is where I will be going, because the living conditions there look horrible, and they get slaughtered when they aren't needed anymore. So, my delima is over. I will be going there and trying to save ducks from shelters if they aren't placed. Thanks anyway y'all
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I call
ed I called California hatchery and all you get is an answering machine that says to email them. It took them a day to reply. They are in Rancho Cucamonga, about a 30 m-45 minute drive from my house, so, I asked if I could pick up the ducks since I was local. They said no, I have to order online and have them shipped. So I'm thinking that the birds aren't taken care of well, and maybe they're farm isn't clean, nice, etc. and that they might be doing some non-animal lover type things that someone from say, PETA, would be upset about. They also have a 3 bird minimum order, which sucks. I asked them another question and will probably have to wait another whole day for a reply. I like Metzger better. They reply to email very quickly, and are super knowledgable and helpful. I'm thinking of driving to the California hatchery location to see what the conditions are like there, and will report back on this thread what I find.
Hello, just curious to know if you ever did go to California hatchery.
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