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Hi irischick,


I think in your case maybe you should wait until it seems she is 100% and then put the crate in the run for a while each day for a couple of days, so they can get used to her again.  Sounds like you have a small coop.  Mine is huge. It is  an 8X16 cabin I renovated into a really pretty coop, with a 16X20 run.  So, I have no problem putting a big dog crate inside my coop when I need to separate anyone from the flock (broody hens hatching eggs)


Then, maybe after a couple of days go down at night and slip her in on the roosting pole with the others.  I didn't keep my hen separated but one day and she wasn't harassed by the others at all. But, you have kept yours out a while.


Hope she continues to improve!



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Thanks Cheryl, that is what I was  thinking.  Our coop is actually hand designed and built - it is 8 x 12 and the attached run is 8 x 25 feet covered in hardware cloth. In the run they have water, sand box and roosting bars that they enjoy during the day.


Thanks for your help. Have a wonderful day.


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Good news this morning. As of last night, her vent is all healed and has stayed in tact for 24 hours. I put her dog crate in the run with the hens to get her acclimated again to them. I will let her run with them tomorrow and see how it goes. I attempt the suggestion of putter her on the roosting bars with the other girls tonight. 


Thanks everyone for your help. You are awesome!!!

Have a great day.


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Fantastic news irischick!  Not trying to be negative, but do check her everyday because once it has occurred it can happen again. It may be a few days, weeks or months, but hopefully NEVER!


You're a good "hen vet"....ha ha



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