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Yeah the vet didnt tell me anything but sent the sample out and said they would call me today but I got no call and I just called them and they are closed for the day hmm.png they told me they had to send the sample out to be certain that it wasnt just somethingthat the chichickens ate... should I treat them with what I havr or wait till Monday for the vet? Ill treat my goats with the panacure I have because I know the dosage for goats but idk for chickens
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Safeguard or panacur can be used at a high dose (25 mg per pound for 3 straight days) to treat tapeworms according to one study that I have read, but Valbazen will treat tapeworm and all other worms in chickens.  Since tapeworm is not an emergency, it wouldn't hurt to wait until Monday to call your vet.  Hopefully your vet will prescribe valbazen or fenbendazole. 

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Okay as long as it's not an emergency... thank you so much! The chickens are acting fine and eating and drinking normally. Will I have to treat my dog as well? He eats the poop sometimes. I give him the monthly heart guard but that's it.
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Hey Guys!


I too have chickens with bright green blueish poop.


I gave them red cabbage and obviously that's the cause, I'm just not clear from reading this thread if it's a problem or not.


Appears healthy otherwise.


Should I not feed them purple/red cabbage or is it OK?

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Welcome to BYC jawadams. Yes it was probably the cabbage. There is no harm in it. Many people let their chickens peck on a cabbage hanging in the coop to help prevent boredom. Blueberries can also have the same effect.

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