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Lucasville Flea Market 2014

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Does anyone know if they sale geese at the Lucasville Ohio Flea Market I am going agin this april I am looking for Sabastopol geese.  Just wondering if anyone els had ever been to this flea market and has ever saw any Sabastopol geese there. I have been the last two years but not saw no geese unless I am missing them they are so much to see at this flea market it is pretty big.  I'm going to get up early and try to make there right when it breaks daylight. I love animal swap days and flea markets also am going to pick me up some more frizzle chickens and maybe some frizzle polish,also a female pygmy to go with my boy pygmy goat last year I got to see a real live swan it was beautiful.  In their poultry house.  But last year we got busy and didn't get to go on Saturday which is there biggest day we ended up having to go on Sunday.  I got to see some Alpacas last year also never saw them before.  It's like getting to go to a petting zoo for free :)  I saw some beautiful peacocks.  The first year we went I learned to bring my wagon the next time I came I had never been to a flea market that big before but buying and having to pack it a long ways back to your truck is not fun. I took my big wagon last year and it was a lot better I had my animal crates and cages to put what ever I bought in had all my crates inside my black wagon.  

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There are usually geese there.

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The swap meet formerly held at Lucasville,Ohio  is moving to Chillicothe,Ohio.  More room,more vendors, more of everything. Same dates

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I can't wait to go I love going to this every year.  Was worried when I heard it was moving I already have to drive 3 almost 4 hours to get there.  I know theres people that drive to this every year that come  a lot farther than I do.  Ross County I think it is 17-20 mins more out of the way than were it use to be held at now it will be held at The Ross County Fair Grounds.

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Lots more room, bigger spaces, electric at all spots. More motels,restaurants etc.

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More room is going to great better parking I would say if it's going to be bigger.  I can't wait to go I hope I can get me some Sebastopol geese or goslings,   polish, frizzle bantams.  I love going to this and am so glad that things worked out and they are not going to stop having it.  When I heard that they were not having it at Scioto County I thought that they were going to stop doing it.  But I kept looking it up on google and forums and different places and found that they were looking for a better and bigger place to have it I was all smiles again. I will have my little black wagon ready to go in April and be up at the crack of dawn ready to go.   :cd

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It has moved to Ross co. fairgrounds. We went out and looked at the new set up. It looks Great lots are 25X40. 25 ft. frontage 40 deep. They are the same price too. Water and electric at each spot. Paved roads it is only 35 mi. north of Lucasville. And I just heard this morning Lucasville fair board is having one the weekend after this. SOOOOOOOOOOO why not do both.

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Who do you contact to be a vendor there?

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What are the dates for this? I have been wanting to go but can't seem to find dates anywhere.

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This should give you all the info.

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