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I just picked up 4 black austrlops from a breeder in CT today. From North Kingstown enjoying this great day!
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What's the breeders company name and location? I've been trying to search around here but not finding too much... I want to try and fill up our coop this summer! :) 

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Oh Thanks! :) We've got our three right now, but I'd like to add a few more to make sure I've got a good group! :) 

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I'm in Portsmouth, RI! We have a small flock...


2 Easter Eggers

2 Black Stars

1 RI Red (well, it was 2....but unless Allie is brooding in the woods, I don't think she's coming back :/)

1 Japanese Bantam...? Maybe?

2 Leghorn pullets


I am trying to add Silkie hens, but we are having a terrible time finding any....we are looking for silkies that are off heat, and (hopefully) hens.


Does anyone know local places to purchase? We initially started our chicken keeping with an order from Murray McMurray Hatchery 2 years ago. 

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I know my father-in-law likes go to Camara's Auction Barn in Swansea, MA...I haven't been yet, but am planning on checking it out Monday night....hopefully it won't be a circus and we can add a pair of Silkie hens! Good luck adding to your's addicting! :weee

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My husband built this coop for our girls two years ago....(I painted it and planted around seems the chickens *might* like to snack on my flowers :-/ ) He looked at tons of other pictures on this site, actually, for ideas....It wasn't very difficult, and it looks nice in the yard. Did you end up building or buying a coop?

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Hello all, we're in South Kingstown and have 5.  We had 6 bust lost one the other day.  I am not sure the breeds and once I get some good pictures I'll post them:

1 RIR (Big Momma)

1RIW (Gabby)

2 RIR mixes (Baldy and Curious)

1 Bantam rooster (Romeo) (not sure his genetics)


I turned half our shed into their coop and built a huge run outside for them.  They have plenty of room and I allow them to range most of the day when I am home.  I have a friend who I got these birds from who is giving me a couple more this week.  We've been doing this now about 4 or 5 months.  A lot has been learned and we're learning more as we go.  I just weighed my birds this morning to get a good baseline and looked them over.  Yep, they don't like that!!  But it's done for a week.  I think they may be losing weight o just to be sure, I'm going to track them a couple weeks.  I look forward to hearing and talking with you guys!!



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Hi Chris!


Sorry to hear about your vanished chicken...maybe they are like the socks that go missing the dryer...somewhere out there! (We can delude ourselves with hope!).


We added a roo about a week and a half ago, following the loss of my bantam silkie hen; so far, he has eliminated the cattiness and there is seldom any pecking order stuff going on, and he rounds them up and goes after stragglers. So far, so good! 

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Hi Chris,
From NK here I have four black Australorps about seven months old. Sorry to hear about the missing chicken. In the same boat for learning as you. This site has been an invaluable resource My only regret is not getting chickens years ago!!
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