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post #21 of 119 chicken owner here from woonsocket! PicKing up 2 or 3 layers tonight! Very excited
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Welcome!! These little things are a blast!!
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Hi everyone,
Being from RI my husband does a bit of fishing. When he filets the fish I always want to cook up the carcass and give it to the girls. Great protein!! But we are concerned about the bones. Have any of you ever tried this?
Thanks for your input.
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Originally Posted by HaplessRunner View Post

First Annual Cream Legbar Club Online Virtual Show


Rules for the Show:

1. Pictures of the entry birds should be unobstructed, close up views with profile views preferred.
2. Pictures should be visually appealing and taken by you.
3. Pictures must be of living birds.
4. Pictures must have been taken within two months of the show end date, October 20, 2015. Although not a requirement for this show, a digital date on the picture is helpful.
5. Pictures of birds must be posted on the Cream Legbar Club First Annual Online, Virtual Show Facebook event page.
6. Entries will be accepted from September 20, 2015 – October 20, 2015.

Categories of Entries:

1. Varieties of Entrants: Cream Legbars, “Crele” Legbars, White Legbars
2. Entrants will be labelled as: Cocks, Hens, Cockerels, or Pullets

Judging and Results:

1. The best and reserve cock, hen, cockerel, and pullet for each variety will be determined.

2. The best and reserve variety will be determined from the best cock, hen, cockerel, and pullet within that variety.

3. The best and reserve in show will be determined from the best in variety champions.

4. The current Revision 4 of the draft Standard of Perfection (SOP) for the cream legbar will be used for judging. We hope to have tentatively approved two preliminary draft SOPs for the White Legbar and the “Crele” Legbar available for the APA judge’s use and comment.


1. The Best in Show winner will receive a two year paid membership to the Cream Legbar Club

2. The Reserve in Show, the Best and Reserve Variety winners will receive a one year paid membership to the Cream legbar Club.

3. Only one award membership will be granted per entrant.


1. When adding your entry to the Facebook event page, please ensure that you title your entry with the variety and label of the bird to be entered.

Examples: Cream Legbar Cock; White Legbar Hen; “Crele” Legbar Cockerel; Cream Legbar Pullet, etc. 

This will greatly facilitate judging of the bird and eliminate any confusion of the variety that you believe the bird to be. 

2. The judging will be done by an APA registered/licensed poultry judge. So do your best to present your birds in show condition. If this were a live show, the judge would examine and pick up the bird. As such, the judge would expect to find birds freshly bathed and in peak condition.

3. Show birds have attitude!! They unfailingly have a sense of who they are and this message comes across loudly in the pictures of the bird. This, too, is a point of judging birds in a show. How does the chicken carry himself or herself in presenting themselves to other chickens and people? 

Capturing this attitude in a picture can make all the difference especially since the APA judge is unable to pick the bird up or observe the bird’s behavior in an online show.

As always, we wish everyone the best of luck in this online show. We are really looking forward to the great pictures of your birds and the results of the great work that you are doing to support the legbar breed and its varieties!

FINAL NOTE: With respect to draft SOPs for this show. As noted in the judging section, we will use the current draft Revision 4 of the Cream Legbar SOP as posted on the club website. We are seeking the APA judge’s comments on the preliminary draft of the White Legbar and the “Crele” Legbar SOPs. With respect to the shape and physical structure of the male and female White and “Crele” Legbars, these varieties will use the same information as the draft Revision 4 of the Cream Legbar SOP.


Entries may be made on the Cream Legbar Club Facebook Event Page

Plz don't take pictures in your underwear. With a mirror in background.
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Lol that would be embarrassing
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Originally Posted by pbanaczuk View Post

Lol that would be embarrassing
I've seen pictures on ebay. People taking pics of stuff ..not relizing a reflection is caught them in there underwear. .
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Hello fellow Rhode Islanders! I am in Cumberland. I have 10 hens, used to be 12 but we lost one this summer to who knows what and another a few days ago to sudden death. I have 4 buff orpingtons, 4 brown leghorns, and 2 (used to be 4) americaunas. They are a riot! Not a huge fan of the leghorns, I'm much more of an Orpington person but they're all fun and they are all sweethearts in their own quirky ways. I never intended to have leghorns but they were in desperate need of a home and they just kind of stayed!

We've gotten our orpingtons and americaunas through Ventura Grain in Taunton. We've also gotten 6 broilers from them as well and had 100% survival to slaughter at 10 weeks smile.png
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Wish I could have 10 hens but North Kingstown only allows 4. Bummer.
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Ugh! The person who made these rules clearly never had chickens 😂 I live on 7 acres so 10 chickies is nothing!
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