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My Barred Rock babies! So love these guys/girls

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I would ask if they've been vaccinated, yes. Are you getting the Wyandottes and BO from same place?

Yes, they are coming from the same place. How are chickens vaccinated of they haven't been? Can I administer? Vet? I've been reading mixed reviews on whether or not to vaccinate.
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Boys or girls? Sexed and sold as pullets. 4 days old. Dark leg wash.
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Mine are all 4 weeks old now! They got so big so fast. I love all of them!

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Adding BR to my mixed flock this year. We named her Maude. She is still in the brooder with her step sisters, a buff Orpington, a silver laced Wyandotte, and a black Australorp. Here she is.
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Hello All- I am a first time chicken Mom. I have 6 new babies that are from about 3 weeks to 6 weeks. Here is a couple pictures of my little Barred Rock, I sure hope she's a she!! (She is about 5 weeks, I think.) So far out of the six different breeds she is one of the two that love to jump on my arm and shimmy up.




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Barred rocks are just awesome! My brother's roo killed a crow the other day when he thought it was too close to the babies. Brother said the crow landed about 10 feet away from momma and chicks. Roo was about 20 feet away and the next thing he knew Rubble was in the crow's back and it was dead.

I give you Rubble "Crow Killer"
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Couple new pictures of mine...they are about 2-3 weeks now

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These are my chicks at their three week field trip to the kitchen. They will be four weeks tomorrow. They are getting so big, so fast.
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One of my chicks beak has been changing in appearance. It is not getting dagger like slashes. Is this normal? Does it mean anything. Kinda looks super cool.

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