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Grand Prairie ordinance change

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Hi, my name is Ted. I meet with the city council last night to dicuse changing the current ordinance of 150 feet from the nearest structure to 50 feet. The code says residence so we had this cleared up to mean actual residence not yard. The city is meeting again on June 5th at prairie paws at 7pm to take a vote on changing the code to 50'. Please pass this around so we can get as many people there as possible to support the change. There was one council man in particular who was very negative and said if we want chickens we should move to Oklahoma. As of now the council is reaserching the pros and cons of having a 50' limit from what other city's have experienced. Please come and show your support on June 5th.

Thank you.
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I've only had my birds for a month.   I have four young chicks.  There is nowhere in any yard in this neighborhood that could meet the 150 feet ruling.  


We recieved a notice on our door notifying us that a complaint was received.  I'm trying to find out if I can request that they grant me an extension until after the June 5th vote.  Does anyone have any experience in trying to negotiate with Animal Services?  Do they have to disclose the source of the complaint?  Would it matter or help the situation if I could get my neighbors to sign a letter saying they don't mind the birds?    I have a theory that a very nosy person down the street issued the complaint purely on the basis that it was 'against the rules'.  They have a habit of this kind of thing.


Thank you,

Jennifer T.

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I guess they changed ordinance. I saw a house with some sad looking chickens in a small little dog run. They are so crowded. at the corner of NW Dallas and NW 20Th St. I dont know why Grand Prairie allows so many in such a small pen. They are in the back yard but can be seen from the street. So sad.

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As far as I can tell, the Grand Prairie chicken ordinances are the same, 150' from a residence, which is unworkable for most of us. Would anyone like to try again?

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