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So, is it killing the worms, or removing them? I would love a natural remedy, but need to understand what exactly it does. Using the eggs during treatment is important too, really hate throwing them out.
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Zyfend A is a proprietary, all-natural supplement formulated with synergistic ingredients that help breakdown the natural defenses of intestinal worms and their eggs.  The result of those actions helps to make them more susceptible to attack by the birds own immune system, stomach acids and bacteria in the gut that can harm intestinal parasites.  Thereby helping nature solve the problem.


Hopefully this helps to answer your question to your satisfaction. 


Thanks again for your questions!

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I just bought the health pack and am slightly confused by the instructions. It says to use the Zyfend-A during worm infestations. But it also says to use every 21 days. Should the product be used regularly as a preventative against worm issues, or should I not use it at all unless I notice a worm issue? Also I'm a newbie and have no idea how to diagnose a worm issue were I to have one. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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Thank you very much for your question and your purchase of Backyard Chicken Health Pack.


Zyfend(tm) A has been used both ways, monthly after worms have been observed and also one week per month during the time of the year when birds can pick up internal parasites to help avoid the problem when infestation is possible.  In northern climates this begins with the spring thaw and would continue one month after the first hard freeze in the fall.  In southern climates, the need can persist all year.


The reason we recommend monthly during the above time period is that the typical life cycle of the roundworm is about 28 days.


It typically takes about 2-3 weeks for the parasite egg to reach infective stage.  Poultry then pick up the infected egg, it hatches and the cycle repeats.  This is direct infestation.  Indirect can also occur, such as when earthworms pick up parasite eggs and then the bird eats the earthworm.  Parasite eggs are tough, cannot usually be killed by disinfectants and may live up to 2 years in soil.


This also supports the reason to follow the monthly 1 week administration regimen as infestation can occur at any time.


If there is more information you need or we can help with further clarification, don't hesitate to call me directly.  You may find our phone number on our website which can be found on our sponsor page.

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Are these products available in larger quantities at a more economical price for larger flocks? I usually have between 100-120 chickens at any given time and the pack size sold at TSC wouldn't last me very long. :)

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Thank you for your inquiry into the availability of a larger sizes for your flock. 


The larger quantities we have are designed for administering to average flock sizes of 25,000-40,000 birds and are not feasible, even for your larger flock size.  For example, the Zyfend® A sizes would provide from 64,000-512,000 Zyfend A hen doses and would last you for a lot of years! 


However, based on your interest (and from several others), we will look into the feasibility of offering a larger sizes. 


Thanks again for reaching out to us and don't hesitate to contact if we can be of further assistance. 



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Okay we have a mixed straight run of 12, looks that we have more Roos than hens...
We have not medicated or treated our birds, we only use DE (food grade diatomaceous earth). How can we insure our birds are safe for our consumption?
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Ancestra Farms,


Thank you for the question.  


All of the products in our Backyard Chicken® Health Pack are all natural and have no meat nor egg withdrawal time.  It is safe to eat the meat and eggs at any time our products are in the water.


They are currently used in millions of chicks, pullets and layers in the Northeast, including their organic and natural certified flocks, which requires the approval of their certifying organization prior to ever using products.


Don't hesitate to contact me on my cell if there are additional questions I can answer.  717-951-8520.


Best regards,



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Is this safe for Meat birds.


can you then process and eat the birds?

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Our Backyard Chicken® Health Pack and Zyfend A® contain all natural ingredients with no meat withhold nor egg discard.


Thank you!



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