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Cleopatra, my Easter Egger who walks like an Egyptian

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I thought I'd start a thread to jot down the trials and tribulations of my gimpy little chick.  Meet Cleopatra, she has a slipped tendon that although I've had her seen by two vets, can not be fixed.  She's never had trouble getting around, nor eating/drinking so how could I not give the tot a chance at life?  She walks goofy, but I've never seen her fall over.  My chickens are my pets, just so happens this little one will always have special needs.



She seems to do best in a figure 8 wrap {vet wrap} on that leg, I've tried various things.  I separated her from the brooder of 7 and she's happy in a brooder with only two of her sisters, who I named Isis and Anubis.  They were the most mellow of all the others and have proven to be great friends for their handicap sister. 

I don't know how long she'll live, if this leg will ever get to the point of not being able to hold her weight as she matures or what.  But the kid's a fighter and an angel for her treatments.  I stretch her gimpy leg every time I rewrap her leg, she's on poly vi sol vitamins and epsom salt soaks.

When I decided to give her a chance, I ordered a "handicap coop" for just her and her two friends.  Low to the ground so the ramp won't be too steep and I'll probably have to add sides to the ramp too, we'll see how she does with it first though.  The windows on each side will also be low for her viewing pleasure and the roosting bar only 3" above the ground, that could possibly need a ramp too at some point or who knows, maybe I'll be able to raise it.  It'll also be wired for electricity with a light switch, outlets and a lamp outlet thingy.  I'm building an expansion on our current coop for the additions to the flock this year and still have a ways to go with that, so figured I'd slurge and save myself the work of building one for these three.

Here she is with her buddies enjoying an orange sprinkled with oatmeal.


Cleopatra on the left, Anubis {speckled sussex} in the middle and Isis {silver laced wyandotte} on the right.


Today I partitioned off the flock and let these three outside for the first time today.  It was only for about 20 minutes because I didn't want Cleopatra over doing it on that leg.  I think they enjoyed it by the running around and flapping they did  ;)



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Omg so cute! What breed is Cleopatra?
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She's an Easter Egger.

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Since their coop won't be completed until at least 4 weeks, I slapped together a somewhat secure spot to let Cleopatra, Anubis and Isis out when I'm home to keep an eye/ear on them. Cleopatra wasted no time in getting right to sun bathing.




And when she was scratching in the dirt for goodies, how could I not film it???




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Thank you for the reply, what a sweet little chick. I also have mine  separated, no way will she be able to live with the rest of the flock, she also has a buddy (Honey Girl) with her, it's like she understands the other one has a handicap. I named her Dizzy Lizzy, :) because when we first brought her home, she couldn't get around at all, she just kind of spun around, because both legs were out to the side. I taped them, and one is fine now, it's the leg with what I believe has the slipped tendon. Right now I have her legs taped and she's in a swing with food and water taped to the rim of the cup, she seems pretty comfy. I'm hoping I got it fixed, but will leave her like that until this evening or tomorrow, I'll only change her bedding so she's not sitting in poop. She's so sweet, I didn't have the heart to leave her, and my daughter wanted her too, so we brought her along, they just gave her to us. Will try and get some pics up soon. Anyway, thanks again, have a great day, take care.





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A video I took of my little gimp enjoying life outside with her two little buddies.  Their coop I ordered ought to be done in another week or so, so I've slapped together a makeshift run for them.  Cleopatra's a bit obsessed pecking at her wrap 'cuz she hadn't had one on the last day/day and a half. But this video shows how that lower leg crosses in to the other pretty well, how she's getting along on it and her enjoying a luxurious dust bath, lol. The folded padded gauze on each side of her lower leg really seems to help, it's great to see her not using her wing so much for balance. I only use the gauze when she goes out lately.



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An update with pics on this pullet with the slipped tendon -  she continues to get on just fine and is growing into such a beautiful bird.  I've seen her two buddies walk away from food/treats so she can have it, it's pretty neat.  She seems to do best getting her leg wrapped at the most every other day, but for the most part I gauge how she's getting around if she needs it or not.  I think the wrapping just helps to give her a little more stability on that leg, keeps the hock from swinging out too much.  There's certainly been full weeks where I haven't wrapped her.  



She still hasn't laid an egg yet, but if I'm remembering right Easter Eggers take longer before they start laying.



When the coop was finally home, I removed the roost that came with it and gave them a wider one.  Which worked great for a while, lol, they grow like weeds.  She's never had a problem getting up to roost.  



So now they have more of a platform for roosting.  Cleopatra hobbles when she walks, so this width works great for her.  Keep a towel up there to provide a little cushioning for them and so the board itself doesn't get disgusting with their droppings.



Inside for a leg wrapping.  She's got the routine down to a tee, I unwrap out in the run.




Enjoying a dust bath  :)

I've had to make adjustments to the coop/run for her, she's got a hitch in her giddyup and gets down on her hocks to scratch but she's doing great.  

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Very lucky bird to have such a great owner.  :)

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Glad Cleopatra found a home with you guys. Great to see her journey and how resilient these underestimated little cluckers are, too!

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I have a gimpy girl too so I understand the extra care and love that go into taking care of one. And they are worth it :love


Taylor was one of my first chicks and such an active girl (she was the first to fly out of the brooder). One morning when the chicks were a few months old, I went to let the girls out of the coop and she couldn't walk or support herself; we figure she must have injured herself sometime during the night. I brought her into our screened in front porch and nursed her for about 3 months while she spent the day sitting next to my chair. She was such a trooper, she even laid her first egg during that time.


I tried several times to reintegrate her with the flock but it wouldn't work, the others were unmerciful in their attacks. So Taylor got her own little mini coop and run built by DH, it's right next to the other girls so she can feel somewhat part of the flock but not get hurt. Taylor will be 2 years old next month; some days her bum leg is really stiff but balancing with her wings, she still manages to hop along as best she can and is the most affectionate chicken we have. She especially loves DH, they've sort of adopted each other (and the fact he carries her around the yard on "walks" is part of that).


Taylor is wonderful and I'm so glad we took the effort to bring her back to health (as much as possible), she's re-paid our efforts in eggs and affection 10 x over.


Here's Taylor!


@Ciqala I'm glad you went to the extra effort with Cleopatra...there's something about those "special needs" birds that can really touch your heart and form a special bond.

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Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!



Calling all home bakers!


"I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health."  ~ Voltaire


Formerly NorthFLChick...but still Debby!


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