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I would say with that comb and waddles that it's a rooster but I had a buff silkie that looked just like that and SHE layed an egg. How old is it??
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Almost 6 months. One of my chicks has layed two eggs so far since Friday but I do have a white sultan pullet. Atleast im told she's a pullet!! I haven't seen either sitting on the eggs .. . If u can't tell this is my first time with chickens!
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There aren't any streamers either. You will know soon enough! Good luck.
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please help me sex my 3 silkie chicks.  











Thank you in advance!!!

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They are super cute but are way too young yet to even guess. :-)
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Still to young. It took me 5-6 months to tell mine . Good luck!
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My eggs are fertilized so that's the only way I figured out mine was a male. He's 6 months and no crowing yet so the fertilized eggs is all I have to go by.
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Nevermind... My silkie passed away today, and I can't figure out how to delete my post.

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Hello! I see no one has really posted on this thread for awhile....Any guesses on my 6 weeks old silkie? 

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I'm trying to sex these two which are supposed to be silkies but one has no top plume on its head at all sad.png. I'm kind of confused. I need to figure out if they are roosters soon because I can't keep if so sad.png

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