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A friend of mine has a very large pond and I was wondering if one could obtain loon eggs or loon ducklings.
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I am not aware of any loons in captivity. They tend to be territorial, require a fish diet, and clean water.

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We weren't really looking to keep them captive. I was thinking we'd build one of those floating loon nesting rafts and let nature do the rest. This pond is very clean and larger then most Florida "lakes".
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Loons do not breed in Florida. Many winter in Florida, but most are in coastal waters. You would probably be better talking with someone from FWC about habitat enhancement to attract nesting species.

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I'm in Ohio not Florida. I was just trying to give readers an idea of the size of this pond.
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Loons do not nest in Ohio either. A floating platform would probably be used by Canada geese or mute swans.

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Here in Minnesota, loons are sacred and our state bird. That would be like askingĀ if you could get some bald eagle eggs. lol. But in all seriousness, what some people here do with input and assistance from the DNR is build a square of PVC pipe with strong netting fit over it and then the loons build a nest on top out into the water. That's key to protection from predators because loons really can't walk like ducks can. Their feet go straight out back so they can really only move in water when not flying. Or slowly crawl along on their bellies a little ways on land. I agree, I would talk to your state or federal resources people and see what you can do if anything to attract them. We have a half dozen pair or so on our lake every year and its one of my favorite things of living on the lake. Not seeing them but more so hearing their calls in the morning and evening.

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And yes, from what I know, loons have their babies up north and winter down south. : )

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I know that this is a semi old thread but I have a loon, named Auggie. He's very territorial, but he seems to like my ducks smile.png
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