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Chicken ate a water balloon

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Hi, my 8 week old orpington pullet swallowed an empty water balloon.  It was small but I'm worried she won't be able to pass it.  Thoughts?  

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Keep a close eye in case her crop becomes impacted. I have read about vomiting a chicken but I don't know how to do it.
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Thanks.  I wouldn't even know which chicken it was honestly.  My boys were out with them and came running to tell me one of the orpingtons ate the balloon.  We have 6 orpingtons and I can usually tell them apart, but my kiddos cannot, so they couldn't show me which one it was.  I guess if one starts acting ill I'll know :/

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My hen (gold laced Wyandotte) vomited after ice cold water I gave her on a hot day
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