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It is so maddening about the owner of the dog. I hope the chickens who survived the attack recover ok.  At least looking at the photo of Lacey duck made me smile again :)

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CHICKENS: to name just a few Cochin, Orpington,  OEG, Russian Orloff, Brahma.  Also have geese and cats
  SEE MY BYC PAGE  for photos 

  SEE MY  CHICKEN PAGE for even more photos


CHICKENS: to name just a few Cochin, Orpington,  OEG, Russian Orloff, Brahma.  Also have geese and cats
  SEE MY BYC PAGE  for photos 

  SEE MY  CHICKEN PAGE for even more photos

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Thanks all. Sadly the little cockerel passed away shortly after I posted yesterday. 

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I'm so sorry it's always sad to lose them.  :hugs

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Little oeflay loves to sneak in the straw pile when I'm not looking! She's lucky I always remember to check for her or she would live in that shed!



Sunny morning 




Bella and her auntie Daisy love photo shoots together 😊😎




Bellas like "are you lost little boy? Do you want a ride home?"


Little oeflay being sneaky!



Charlie enjoying his new life






Got some little extra mouths to feed at the minute (the rabbits) they're all over and don't run away unless you get really close. Wonder if they have anything to do with the babies that were left in my nest box a few years back (not something yous will know about)


Basically what happened with the Rabbits was that I went up one day and there was a nest in the nest box. I thought they were rats and was going to let my friend get rid of them before we realized they were actually rabbits! The mother came back everynight to feed them and they lived in the hens shed for a few weeks before they left one night. They kept coming back for food for a while. They were soo cute. 










It doesn't look like my poultry keeping life is getting any quieter! Got 2 new residents for the night. Number one was my friends poorly hen. They aren't very experienced and asked if I could take her to see if I could do anything. She's on the mend. Then my mam rang and it turns out she found a mallard duckling running around the road in the dark. No sign of the mother so after looking around for a while, she brought this little one home.


I give the little duckling to my friend the next day to go in with her ducklings, but it sadly passed away shortly after. Must have all been a bit too much for it. 


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Gorgeous pics it's like looking in a magazine they are so pretty.  Oeflay looks so tiny compared to your other hens.  She is so pretty and looks right at home in the straw.  


Bella and Daisey look like they are posing for their photo shoot of the day.  They could be runway models.  :D



Charlie and Bella oh my goodness.  Charlie probably thinks he died and went to heaven with all those hens and food and beautiful scenery.  


I'm sorry the little mallard didn't make it.  It must have been wondering for a long time.  I hope the hen recovers soon.  


Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pics with us.  Have a great day you always make mine when I look at your pictures.

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p.s.  The rabbits are so cute.  We have wild rabbits running around our yard too.  They have to be fast because the dogs like to chase them.  

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Love the pics!


Charlie LOL!

CHICKENS: to name just a few Cochin, Orpington,  OEG, Russian Orloff, Brahma.  Also have geese and cats
  SEE MY BYC PAGE  for photos 

  SEE MY  CHICKEN PAGE for even more photos


CHICKENS: to name just a few Cochin, Orpington,  OEG, Russian Orloff, Brahma.  Also have geese and cats
  SEE MY BYC PAGE  for photos 

  SEE MY  CHICKEN PAGE for even more photos

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Thank you both!! :)

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3rd of June:

I was looking after a poorly hen for my friend. I rescued her from this horrible place last year for her. They weren't intentionally cruel, but they couldn't cope with how many they had. Anyways, she went right down hill yesterday and then today I let her out in the sun, she started basking and I took these photos and then when I put my phone down she started fitting and died. R.I.P little one



For everyone with pecking order problems, don't worry it gets better!



The moody broody sisters 😈


Safe to say that didn't last long!




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Bless your heart for making the hens life so much better in the end.  She knew she was loved and had great care.  I'm sorry for your loss of her.  


I loved the pecking order.  The fight then laying side by side.  That was cute.  Daisey is beautiful but then there is Bella who is gorgeous.  


Thank you so much for sharing the pics with us.  I really appreciate them.  Have a great day.  

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