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LOVE KOOP CLEAN and not affiliatd in any way. I first saw it on The Chicken Chick's Blog and then in a few magazines. I mentioned it to my not so local feed store and they got it in for me. I mentioned it at a chicken workshop sponsored by the feed store and a bunch of people went over and got it. Now the stock boy told me they can't keep it in stock. We pay 20 at Mike's Feed Farm in Rivervale, NJ. When I open a bag, I go get one or two more so I don't go all the way out there and get disappointed.


I love it because my coop never has an off smell. One of my hens died from what the state lab said was Marek's, but she called me when she got my hen and asked what I bathed her with. Water and my hand on her poopy butt when she couldn't stand. No soap or perfume as I am highly allergic to factory made smells. We figured out that it was the fresh smell of the straw in the Koop Clean. I also use sand in the run, so her feet were very clean. She liked the sand in the run.


Best thing about Koop Clean is that it is chopped straw. That means on Wednesday, I can take out the clumps and damp and just refresh. It is compressed and chopped, so that bale is equal to at least two bales of regular straw and you fluff it. On Sunday, I do a full clean out of the large Snap Lock Coop, which only houses 6, so you get an idea of the size. (not large enough)


The PDZ is what they put under the straw in horse stalls to combat the urine smell. There has not been a smell in the coop since I started with Koop Clean. I also got a pail of plain PDZ and after a heavy rain, the sand can get a little odor. A handfull of PDZ scattered here and there and raked in and odor is gone. The stuff is amazing. 

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I have been using it for a bit now. I really like it! I was able to get it from Ace Hardware. They don't keep it in stock, as it is a small store. But once they ordered it, it was there in just a couple of days. Not a long wait at all.
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I have a 2 level coop. I put the Koop Clean in the upper level and in the nesting boxes last week. Down on the ground level I have sand. So far I really like the Koop Clean. After a week everything still smells good. The chickens seem to enjoy scratching in it. They have been moving it around a lot which I would think is good to keep it fluffed up and dry. I was using shavings before. I didn't like the way the shavings stuck to the eggs. The Koop clean isn't sticking. Hope that helps.

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I paid $19.98 at Agway in NH

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I just located a place about 30 miles from where I live that has Koop clean, I am going to get it and try it out. I use pine shavings in the summer but in the winter I use regular straw and It is hard to clean my koop in the winter so I am hoping that the Koop Clean helps to keep down the smell over winter. Also, Can anybody please explain to me or post a picture of a dropping board? I have to make some changes to my koop because my hens are pooping in their nesting boxes and I would like to try to keep the droppings off the eggs. I am pretty new at having chickens so I am sure there is a better way to build a koop than what I have just need some suggestions. Thanks.
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I use it in my nesting boxes and it's great. I use pine shavings in the coop and sand in the run. There's a poop board in the coop so the shavings stay pretty clean. That said, I'm thinking of going to sand in the coop too. It's so clean!
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