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I am having this same problem with one of my Black Sex Links, she doesn't stand normal but kind of hunched and pulsates. I checked for egg bound but don't feel anything. Did you ever get any answers?


Yes, I had to cull her and she was full of tumors. Made a post here:

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I'm not sure about the poopy butt feathers, that's why I got on the site to find advice for my own chickens. I did see some comments on worms and have some experience there. If you start getting poop caked on your eggs its a good sign your hens have worms. I would avoid all the chemical solutions suggested, and just use diotamacios earth sp.??.  You can pick up a bag a food DE at your local IFA its only about $14 I think.  Mix some in their food. and dust them with it as well as their coop.  I suck some up using one of those turkey baster type things that you use on little kids, and blast a little puff on your chickens.  Eggs started coming out clean in a few days.  Check you girls vent hole and make sure it is unobstructed.  Found a broken egg in one of my hens which I just gently pulled out and she was just fine (yes, they do have access to oyster shell).

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I need some help! Not sure if i should be worried about my two week chick.. Her Vent is not clogged but the feathers surrounding her butt are gone and her skin is pretty red. She has some poop around her butt. Let me know what you might think it is!

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