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recycled playhouse coop spruced up - Page 2

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 The cage in the middle is so they don't eat everything and I always will have something growing for them.  Once the plant gets big enough to stick out of the cage then the girls get to eat it yet don't kill the plant.


I did the same thing with a goat pen, back in the day.  The goats LOVED my rose bushes, and DH would frequently go out and denude the bushes, just to feed the goats a treat.  Which was fine, BUT!!!  So, I bought a bunch of roses bushes and planted them outside the fence line for the goat pen.  As the roses grew larger, they grew through the mesh fencing, and the goats promptly ate them back to the fence line.  Funny enough, that side of each bush was MUCH fuller than the 'out' side of the bushes, all that goat trimming didn't harm them at all.  And the bushes were much prettier than the ugly old fencing.

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Yeah I thought it was a great idea.  I need to experiment with different plants to find what will grow there and the chickens like to eat.  They can't chew the cage plants down but they sure put a number on the stuff growing in the run.  LOL  I have a plan of doing the corners of the run as well to give them more plants to eat.

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I did some improvements.  :)


astro turf for the nesting boxes.  Easy clean up and the chickens don't seem to mind.


Stove pipe feeder with a bucket bottom.  Holds a whole 40lb bag.  The smaller pvc "feeders" are for grit and oyster shell.

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corner grow box that the chickens can walk on so I don't loose square footage.  (didn't have any hardware cloth so this will do until I get some).  I planted some veggy seeds in it but for now I have some chick weed going crazy in the rich run soil.  My new cheepers seem to love it.  It's only 6" tall so as the plants grow they poke up out of the cage and readily get nibbled down.  Seems like a great solution for fresh greens growing without the chickens trampling the plant down.

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So far the chicks are enjoying the eat through grow box.



It has worked well enough I built another one in the other corner of the run.


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An addition to the EE's side of the coop.  Mini beer keg chicken feeder!  :D


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