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Good names for ducks are spontaneous and unique. My first male mallard (or if you want it could be a girl) duckling is named Armado, pronounced arm-uh-dough or if you want arm-uh-doo. My second female duckling is named Merci pronounced m-air-see. It means thank you in French. As you see mine are merely made up from my first thought from when they pipped! Merci took awhile to pip, precisely 28 days! When she finally had a pip, I thought thank you lord! and merci popped into my mind. With Armado, when he came out of his egg he looked like an armadillo in its little ball. (Now he is normal, I promise) So be spontaneous and remember what you first thought of!:jumpy:love

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I moved away from food names after the last attack and I lost Dorito, Lunchbox and Apple.
The current lot are
Sir Duckalot, Clint Duckwood, Spot, Duck Vader, Princess Duck, and noname.

Hope that gives you some ideas =)
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We have a booster pack lemonade (booster pack or boosty for short) and Pete. They are both girls lol. Then we have Bernie who is actually a boy. My 4 year old and 2 year old named the girls and 9 year old named the boy
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tomorrow i'm adding 4 female runner ducks. i already have 3 runners by the names of Q, meko and key la. i love unique names 

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