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I know this is an old post but I wanted to share my experience. My bantam had been walking funny for a day or two (clumsily / kept bumping into things). I managed to catch her and realised that her one eye was completely crusty and swollen shut. Her other eye was also shut although not swollen-no wonder she had been walking like she was drunk, she couldn't see! I immediately took her to the vet as I had a feeling it was an infection and would need antibiotics which need a prescription. The vet cleaned the eye up and removed the crust and gave me some baytril which I would need to orally give to her daily for 4 days. HOWEVER the very next morning I woke up and found she had died. I was so upset because she was part of the family and I didn't even get to give her the medicine. Apart from her bad eye she seemed to be eating and drinking fine but looking back she was not herself for a few days because i remember seeing her standing with her head tucked in her wing while the others were scratching about as normal. I just wanted to put this out there as i had no idea that an eye infection would do this to my girl.