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Male or female, five months old. White polish frizzle. Very round head.
Anyone have any guesses????
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Any guesses for sex on this one? 10 weeks. Pretty much no comb. Rounded tail feathers except for the longest ones which may have been pecked at. [IMG]
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Here's her/his head to go with the pic from above.
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Any ideas on the sex of these guys?! Recently added them to our flock from someone who didn't have much knowledge on their gender. She said they were around 9 months but no laying or crowing yet! I've had them 3 days and haven't noticed any obvious gender qualitites! 


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I got two little Polish chicks yesterday. I am new to polish but I'm thinking they are around 4-5 weeks old?? They were running with all ages chickens so it's hard to say.. I wasn't sure what color they may be or if they were Roos are Pullets?? Probably too early to tell. This is a picture of one of them.
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I have a white polish that is 19 weeks old. I need help on gender. Excuse the dirty head feathers. He/she has been pecking in the mud! No crowing and absolutely no waddle or comb at all. The rounded mop of feathers on top says female to me but I also see
Some curved feathers at the base of the tail. Thoughts?
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Hen or rooster?
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I can get pics later but if at 3 months one is a lot taller and bigger and has wattles and spurs starting and the other 4 all smaller, without the cockerel traites have similar shape/size can I safely guess I got lucky with 4girls and one boy?


I started the chicken odyssey a year ago with 5-5 cockerels from my Black Copper Marans,  Been a lot luckier since.

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