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Wisconsin Rapids on the map?

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Someone is proposing a new chicken ordinance for the City of Wisconsin Rapids.


I'm not sure I'm so thrilled about it though.  They propose a max of 4 chickens.  


I am not so convinced that chickens are illegal currently.  There is no specific prohibition on chickens in Wis. Rapids.  But there is an ordinance forbidding to let the run at large.  There is also an ordinance prohibiting a pen for chickens.  


But when I looked up pens/kennels there was some verbiage that said the building code does not apply to structures not anchored to the ground such as a lemonade stand.  Chicken tractors are not anchored to the ground. so . . .


I also figure if you fenced in your backyard for the mere purpose of fencing in your backyard, then let the chickens roam the backyard, they would not be in a pen, nor would they be at large.


I'm thinking that we might be better of without the ordinance restricting us to 4 chickens.  


Has anyone else had experience with goofy restrictions such as Wisconsin Rapids?  No outright prohibition, but you can't let 'em run at large, nor can you have a pen.  

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I used to live in Rapids, just curious if they ended up going through with this ordinance?

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