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I should clarify about the heavy buff in my new CatDance boy. He is from a Buff X Lavender project pen and my hens and pullets are from Porcelain X Lavender and Porcelain X Partridge project pens. My project is not in the color stage yet. I'm still building the barn (type). I'm getting the genetics entrenched for the color now and in a few more generations. It should all even out. This new male has awesome feet, crest, comb, skin color, eye color, and stance. His cushion is amazing! He is large though. I will need to be careful to keep correct size in those chicks I grow out for myself. I just hatched F4 Blue Cream chicks from my project birds. Next summer the best of those pullets will go in with this boy.



Photo credit for my new Blue Cream boy is courtesy of Catdance farm. The day old chicks are some of my F4 Porcelain x Porcelain.

Your new boy is gorgeous!!  :thumbsup    

Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Belgian Bearded d'Anvers, Porcelain and Lavender Silkies. 
Wheaten/Blue Wheaten Ameraucanas, Golden Cuckoo Marans, Belgian Bearded d'Anvers, Porcelain and Lavender Silkies. 
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Your new boy is gorgeous!!  :thumbsup    

Thanks chickee  :DQuote:

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For a recap on where I started and where I am now. Above photo of my foundation Blue Cream Thumper. Only pic I have of him age six months. Hatched from a Karen Larson Porcelain egg Feb 2013.



Thumper's best son Lav Boy.Thumper x Blue Partridge hen.




Third generation is Poi Boy. Son of Lav Boy. Grandson of Thumper.




Poi Boy is only seven months old but he has caught my eye.


edited to add: He is actually just over six months,Records show his hatch date as April 1, 2015.

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Poi Boy age six months





I've learned a lot with this project. First is to be patient. Starting from scratch with this variety is going to take time. Second is not to judge chicks too early. Give them time to show their stuff. Third is to keep good records. I still have the trio that Poi Boy came from. In the spring they will get to produce again.






This buff/lav vaulted chick is Poi Boy at day old.


As a youngster.




He had impressive feet even as a chick but I thought he was a she for a long time. He wasn't very showy as a baby but he is getting better all the time. In another six months I'll decide if he gets his own trio.

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Day old Blue Cream chicks from CatDance eggs. Just hatched. Partridge chick from my pen.


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 This hours old Blue Cream chick already has a wow factor.

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Next hatch and last hatch for 2015 is from the Buff x Self Blue pair.


These three chicks are a sample. No two look alike. Interesting. The best of the hatch will go into the program.





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Picture day for the new blood Porcelain chick from Karen Larson of Catdance. Such a showy baby!

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Getting pens ready for the upcoming new breeding season. The new boy gets his chance to put his mark on my Blue Cream project. Targ is from a Buff/Lav  pen from Catdance Farm. He's a doll.

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This past years Porcelain project chicks have been all over the place color wise but type is making huge improvements. This grow out  chick is an example. The color is splashy but I love the type. I may need to put these chicks in their own project.

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