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Hello, I too am looking into getting a few backyard chickens. I live in Uncasville CT. I thought that the town was okay with it until I read this post. I have neighbors that have small coops in there backyard. I have just over an acre with no fencing around the yard. My plan was to put a chicken moat around my garden. Please fill me in on what you have been up to, and let me know if you made any headway with the town of Montville. Thanks
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Petition to keep chickens in Montville, CT!

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I signed the petition and shared on FB as well. 


Shortly after moving into Montville, I spoke with Ellen Hillman about the backyard chicken availability.  She told me the town had her remove her chickens and she said she was trying to work with the town to reduce the size of the property necessary to allow backyard chickens. 


After reading the January 2012 denial of the variance for Montville residents the Morris' to have chickens, it doesn't appear that we will ever win this battle.  The town is more willing to allow us to pour gallons of pesticides into our yards than allow for natural methods of pest removal.

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Hi we're reopening the chicken issue zoning meeting on Jan 10 7pm to reopen the discussion please
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Please attend
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Who can get a copy of the online petition
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Can any one post that denial?
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Thank you TCross for spearheading this and getting Montville residents with greater than a 1/2 acre the ability to keep six hens!!
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