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Baby Chick, Impacted Crop!! - Page 2

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I have a chick with the same problem. Did yours live? If so what did you do to help?

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She actually died the night before last 😕 I'm not really sure what the issue was because her crop did eventually go down and she was eating and drinking but she still wasn't quite right... I'm sorry I'm not of more help 😔
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I am very sorry. Mine died this evening as well. Still not completely sure what all was wrong.
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I have a week old chick that came with spraddle legs which we were able to get on her feet but now she has a large crop and breathing hard. She had been isolated and on paper towels while her legs were bandaged for the spraddle. I wonder if she has eaten too much of the pine shavings. I have again isolated her on paper towels and withholding food. She does have water. Should I let her rest and see if she has a bowel movement, then try to evacuate the crop? Will the shavings pass through her system???
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