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Please help!

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My favorite little Romeo has been down for a week now! He can't walk and stumbles forward and backward when he tries. I've separated him and he's been on Poly-visol, electrolytes, and probiotics. He eats pretty well, eggs, oats, and starter feed still. I would love any feedback. Thanks!
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Is he weak? If he is, the first step I would take is to give him some sugar water as an energy booster. Hope this helps!!!
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How old is Romeo?  Was he vaccinated for Mareks disease?  Is he having any diarrhea or standing/sitting around puffed up?

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Thanks for the response! He has lots of energy and eats when I put it right in front of him. He just lays around and only tries to stand or move when I come around.
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Eggsessive, thanks for your reply! I've never had or heard of Mareks until I've been reading trying to diagnose Romeo. He is 7weeks tomorrow and none of the other Duccle or Buff Orphingtons are symptomatic. He isn't puffed up and can't stand at all, he just stumbles over?
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Look carefully at his legs also to make sure he doesn't have some sort of leg deformity that has come on with age.  Look for curled toes, walking on hocks or elbows, and one leg twisted outward or inward.  Do his toes move if you touch them?

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Eggsessive, I really appreciate your thoughts! He can move and kick his legs and his toes kinda curl when he's trying to kick against me. When he is able to get up he stands on elbows and his legs spread out to the back or front when he tries to walk. I move them often and I've checked for bumble foot or injuries. I just can't stand to not be able to help him!sad.png
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Romeo started walking and flying yesterday!!! He's still a little shaky, but after 6 weeks of feeding by dropper he's now eating and drinking everything!!! I have no idea what could have caused this!
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Sounds like he is over whatever it was, whether it was wry neck or a vitamin deficiency.  Thanks for the good news.

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