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I would like to say that chickens are animals do not expect them to act like humans. Let them be, they will sort it out.

I believe that the less I interfere with their behavior the better, I like to see them in a natural environment, mine are free range, they sleep on a tree of their choosing and they lay their eggs were ever they want. I initially build a coop but I didn't like to see them in a jail cell so I free them, the coop is there but they don't use it. I build boxes for them to lay their eggs but they look for the best place that suits them. I'm lucky that I live in the tropics so no freezing or cold weather, there's no predators, dogs or cats don't bother them they are quicker. One of the hens lays her eggs in my work bench, another in the laundry ( I put boxes with wood shavins) the others lay in the ground and hacht them right there, the all do find. They have a herarchy and there's nothing we can do about that. Chickens without roosters (is my belive and I hope nobody gets offended) is unnatural. There's a lot of drama but I guess they are not to far from humans when it comes to the drama between roosters nd hens.


Love you all because you love chickens  :thumbsup