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That is great news that she is recovering. 

I have a 9 weeks old chick with the same symptoms.

This is the second time his legs got paralyzed. It happened first when he was 2.5 weeks old and he recovered with B vitamin complex.

Than all my 6 chicks had blood in their poop and I gave them all Corid for 5 days. 1 week after the first treatment I saw red poop again and gave them corid for 5 more days.

After 2 weeks I gave them again Corid for 3 days as advised by the feed store.

It was during the 3rd day that I saw the chick not standing.

He is inside since yesterday morning  when it happened.

I have been giving him B vitamin, garlic, yogurt but no improvements yet

How did you do the epsom salt flush? 

I might give it a try if he has no improvement.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience in detail and I hope your girl will have a full recovery very soon.

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Sararoni, could it be possible that his leg paralysis is a result of the Corid application and stress from the Coccidiosis? 

Are his legs completely paralyzed, or are they just very weak?


Epsom Salt flushes are typically used if you suspect toxicity or poisoning.

Since my girl is a Bantam (slightly larger than a pigeon), I used the following measurements to dose her:


Warm Water - 1 fl oz

Epsom Salts - 1 tbsp

*Mix until salts are dissolved


I used a baby syringe to give her 3.5ml of this mixture, and had her sleep right next to me in an empty old refrigerator drawer coated with lots of towels so I could monitor her throughout the night. 

The mixture was given at 7PM, and her giant black/green diahrrea happened at 2:30AM.  


Hopefully your chick shows signs of improvement soon.  I think the Epsom Flush might be too stressful for him at the moment...if anyone else has some input, that would be great!

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Enemyairship I am hoping that this was caused by Corid draining out his b vitamin and will be fixed by just giving the b vitamin. This chick got better 6 weeks ago when he had same thing but this time it is not working. His legs are very weak and he can not stand.
I don't know if mareks comes and goes like this but I am hoping it is not that.
I hope your girl is doing fine.
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Happy to report that my girl is almost 100%!

She's running and eating A LOT on her own now-- she has gained back a solid 3.5 ounces since the Botulism first hit her. 

Her appetite has come back in full force, and she is once again an independent chicken!


There is still a bit of weakness in her right leg, but it only shows when she reaches up to scratch her face-- she will lose her balance, as she cannot reach that high at the moment.  

I'm hoping that in another week or two, she will gain the strength back as it was before. 



I brought her to the State Capitol Building last week, and she seemed to really take a liking to their pristine lush lawn!  

Petition to change the state bird from the California Quail to the Pee-Pee Chicken, haha!


How is your boy doing, Sararoni?

Are his legs stronger now, and can he stand?

Since it has been 1 week after his initial Corid treatment, has his symptoms subsided and can you provide any updates?

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Congratulations that is wonderful news.
My chick is still the same.
I started tube feeding her which I learned from the great members here.
I will try to save her till the end and will update the thread I started for her as it goes
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I am going through the same thing right now with my bantam rooster.  I could have written myself! How is your baby doing now?  I pray we make it through this.  My heart is breaking seeing my feather baby struggle.  

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She'll be turning 6 next week!
Her legs have regained their strength 100%, although she sometimes struggles to scratch her face while balancing on 1 leg.

My advice is to trust your gut and do ample amounts of research on your one knows your chicken like you do!
I initially took her to a vet that services birds in addition to small mammals, and they misdiagnosed her and gave her medications she did not need.

Turns out she had a mild case of botulism (food poisoning) and this causes paralysis and weakness. The home remedy I mentioned in my previous post helped her recover, along with lots of TLC and syringe feeding since she couldn't eat on her own.

I hope your rooster recovers well, please provide updates!
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