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The front is open the rest is in close.
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Ok, then figure out square feet in the coop part (hen house where they roost/nest,) allow 3-4 sq feet per chicken depending on the breed. In the open part (the run) you need 10 square feet per chicken. It might help if you can post a photo of your set up so we can see what you are talking about :)

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Ok thanks alot.
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Originally Posted by old blue View Post

Ok thanks alot.

Not sure if you saw my edit. If you post a picture we may be able to get a better idea of your set up.

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I did not i will take pics. tomorrow if its not raining in the morning.
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here is a pic of my coop. Not finished. How many chickens can live in this coop.
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Ok, so is it going to be 3 sided? Will they free range outside? Is this in a fenced run? If so how big is the run? If not a run and free ranging, how much space do they have to range? You can fit quite a few birds in that if they spend a lot of time outdoors. If they are only roosting and nesting in the coop then you can do 18+ birds. You need 12 inches of roosting space per full sized bird, and 1 nest box for every 3-4 hens. So basically the number of birds you can keep in there depends on if they are kept inside all the time or if they free range, and how much they free range. There is really no definitive answer. You stated the front is open, that leads me to believe they will be free ranging at will. Hope this helps. Bear in mind that if they are confined, and you have too many you will have problems with pecking, and behavior.

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When i said the front was open i ment,its ging to have chicken wire on it. But with your help i think i figured i can have 7 chickens in it. Thanks very much.
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Ok, I don't know what predators you have where you are (we have everything here :) ) but I would recommend 1/2 inch welded wire hardware cloth instead of chicken wire. A racoon will rip a hole in chicken wire and get to your birds. Do a search on here about predator proofing, you will get tons of ideas on ways to protect them. :)

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If that where they are going to be all the time, I don't think I would put more in there :) Post pics when you get your birds :) I look forward to getting to know you better here.

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