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Yes! We run extension cord too smile.png
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Yes as far as I know. It works off a automatic built in thermostat, so I won't really know if it works again until gets cold enough- but everything looked good when I shut it down last year and I'm hopeful smile.png
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Thank you!  I am so happy to hear this.  Do you have a separate brite tap for winter v summer?

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A separate water for the summer was the plan- but the reality was I just unplugged it. The girls don't mess with it at all, so we'll see smile.png
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Good to know.  I think I will try this.  The chickies have LOVED the brite tap!  So do I because I don't have to lug water every single day.  Honestly, I put it in there in an afternoon and the chickies were drinking out of it within five minutes.  I've never looked back!!!  Thank you for your idea and your replies!  I was going to make a bucket heated waterer instead, but it is easier to do with what I have! 

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I'm with you- I love my BriteTap. The heat tape I got has a lil light that comes on when it's using power. So at a glance I know if it's on smile.png ok ol' man winter- I'm a ready for ya!!!
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I have one more question. . . did you continue to check the waterer every day during the winter or did you only check it when temps got below a certain number?  We are in Logan.  We are prepared to take a hot water jug out their daily if we need to.  But I was wondering if you found a "sweet spot" for ice to not form?  

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We check on our ladies daily anyways, so we just incorporated checking on the waterer into our daily rounds. Don't remember having any water freezing issues after applying the tape. but ours is in our coop, which is insulated. Made it through two week stent of negative weather without problem. We remove our waterer in run in the winter, so I don't know how this method works outdoors... Just FYI.
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I'm in Utah County. At first I checked the water every day it was below freezing just to see that it was coming on and make sure the light was on, and all was well. After that I just checked it as I changed the water and on extreme cold days. Checking it at a glance while visiting the girls, checking for eggs and scooping poo out of sand, is no trouble at all. My coop has a light on a timer but is open door and uninsulated, it is however somewhat protected from the wind. My feeder only needs refilling every week with no spillage so we are very self contained smile.png
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Thank you!  We really only have to refill the water once every four days or so and the food once every few weeks (we keep two feeders in the coop).  Our coop is not insulated and their run is covered, and I will put some plastic around some of the edges to keep the draft out on really windy days.  I have all the pieces, I'm going to assemble it this weekend!  Thank you again for all of your feedback and replies.  

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